A research group at the University of Aarhus (Digital Aesthetics Research Center) study The Project since it's initiation in 2010. They have analyzed the conceptual, aesthetic, literary and technological aspects. The first publications are due 2013 and will be linked from this page.

Some of the specific questions Søren Pold pointed out are: In which way do changes in technology and business models relate to changes in how we read and write? In a way computers can - as already the inventor of hypertext Ted Nelson pointed out - be characterized as literary machines: machines consisting of letters in layers that are written (programmed) and that write and read. If the printing press was the first industrial machine organized as a conveyor belt, the computer is a new kind of literary machine. The Internet, E-Books, Amazon, etc. are just developments of this. So how do we write with this global writing machine? How can we read its writing?

The research-group includes Prof. Søren Pold, Prof. Geoff Cox, Prof. Christian Ulrik Andersen and Constance Elizabeth Kampf.

You can access the first essay by the research group by clicking here.