The Project Formerly Known As Kindle Forkbomb (The Project)



Amazon's Kindle-Shop was vented with vast quantities of robot-generated self-published E-Books containing millions of Youtube comments. This new form of distribution is highly unstable and creates conflict; accordingly Amazon started to delete all books, accordingly The Project mutated code and new books made paid their respects to the Kindle-Shop. Since, the spiral of virtual violence is vibrating. Yes Youtube comments are new literary genre - brutal & anonymous rants, endless permutations, atomic text aches, crowdliterature craves and linguistic pornography peeps, recursive cut-up kicks digital Ellroy with futuristic beat. As a consequence, the code was adapted to the new legal and the new literary reality. The Project serves as a publishing platform and the "Book" is merely a container for variable content, with variable price for variable platforms.

Background: In the aftermath of our conflict with Amazon, Google (Youtube) attacks Amazon (Kindle) based on bold interpretations of territoriality layout of corporate Terms & Conditions. Legal Art: ACBS Vs. CFUPD: Anonymous Content Borderline Syndrome Vs. Corporate Fantasy of Unlimited Power Disease. The Project affirmatively abuses corporate cloud-infrastructure, literature and legal provocations as soft-shield. Below this loud cloud of noise data communication distribution networks for dark content within the EC2 are setup to serve as infrastructure for the imminent Umwandlung. The project title is based on the idea of a polymorphic forkbomb. The diagram "printingpress.gif" served as blueprint for the software. The structure was dogmatically maintained and the system is a truly multi-dimensional implementation of the 2D diagram.